Questions and Answers

We understand that you may have some doubts in your mind about joining our industry and our agency. Here are four commonly asked questions and our brief answers.

The best way for us to address your questions and concerns is through a face-to-face meeting with one of our Financial Services Directors. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. ) Although I am interested to become a Prudential Financial Consultant under Jeffrey Lim Organisation (“JLO”), I am worried about giving up my regular salary as I have bills and mortgages to pay monthly.

There will be an allowance for up to two years while you are in training and waiting to qualify as a Financial Consultant. Being a Financial Consultant is not a job, it is an enterprise, you will be self-employed, there will be risks but there will also be rewards, depending on your level of motivation. We in JLO will guide you closely in the first two years until you become independent.

2.) What are the examinations that I have to take and pass to qualify as a Financial Consultant?

There are four Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services Examination (CMFAS Exam) modules that all candidates need to pass. Candidates will also need to go through training programmes before they may practise as a licensed Financial Consultant. As JLO is an agency unit under Prudential, your training will be provided by Prudential.

3.) I have neither experience in sales nor experience in running my own business. I am also not from the financial sector. How do I succeed in this industry?

To succeed in this industry, the most important character traits are integrity, trustworthiness and the willingness to be trained and work hard. JLO complements the training department in Prudential in the areas of mentoring and coaching our new recruits. The success of many of our Financial Consultants is a testament to our ability to help our people thrive in this career.

4.) I have ambition to lead a team one day, how will I do that as a Prudential Financial Consultant in JLO?

Prudential offers two career tracks: one is the sales professional route and the other the management route. Under the management route, we support our people’s ambition to become Agency Leaders and to lead their own teams. In JLO, we have a structured programme to develop leaders who will go on to transfer their skills and knowledge to the new people they recruit. We help would-be leaders through role modeling, mentoring, caring and sharing for them, to help them with issues of recruitment, supervision and sustaining their growth.


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