Like members of a family, we the team of Jeffrey Lim Organisation (“JLIM”) believes in mutual respect, support and sharing of the fruits of our labour.

We focus on developing and enhancing each team member’s strengths for entrepreneurship, creativity and productivity. We enable each and every one of our team members to discover what drives him or her, to chart their success by leveraging on the business model that we have pioneered. This way, we empower all our team members to express themselves, to be true to themselves, and to contribute in ways that reflect their own ambitions.

We believe that by giving our team members the space to pursue their passions and taking care of their interests, their well-being will be enhanced, they will enjoy what they are doing and quite naturally, they will be successful.

But career success is only a means to an end, which is the fulfillment of life, whether it is to pursue a hobby, more time with the family or doing charitable work. Thus in JLIM, we aim to play as hard as we work. We call ours a “lifestyle career”.

In short, Happiness before Productivity and Profitablity. This is what JLIM is about.