Angelique Huan

Associate Financial Services Manager

A graduate from the honours course of Biomedical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, Angelique never seriously considered having a job in her field of study. She knew early on in her life that she does not like working in the corporate world with its many restrictions. The other option was self-employment, and thus, she decided to give the financial services industry a try and joined JLIM even before graduation.

Today, Angelique happily proclaims “I love my job!” She derives great joy from the warmth of people when she meets up with them to try and help them and being paid well for doing so at the same time.

Although things could be challenging at times and she has to deal with poignant real life issues, Angelique credits her clients for being her strength and motivation to preserver in her career. “I am very proud to be called an Financial Consultant,” she said.