Chan Lu Ee

Master Financial Consultant

Chan Lu Ee is a Master Financial Consultant. Before joining Jeffrey Lim Organization, she was a marketing executive in a construction-related company. Although it was a bad job, somehow, she felt that she was going nowhere and increasingly felt dissatisfied. Finally she decided to quit her job without securing a new one.

For two months, Lu Ee was searching and praying for a new job. She believed it was divine intervention that during this period, she met her current boss Mr Joel Tan and his wife Verne who introduced her to a career in financial planning. That was twelve years ago.

Since then, she has never looked back, her life has never been the same again. Every day, month and year she has experienced new challenges and adventures which she has taken on in a positive manner. She values the friends, places and colleagues she has made over the years. In the midst of all these, she has also given birth to 3 beautiful children. She said she would not have had the means and more importantly the time for them if she had not joined this profession.

“This career enriches my life!” Lu Ee said. She is able to manage and balance her wealth, income, relationships, health, mental and spiritual well-being, to “live well, love much, and laugh often”.