Cherlene Sim

Master Financial Consultant

Cherlene Sim is a Master Financial Consultant. In her last job as a Personal Assistant to a Managing Director, she decided she wanted a change to a job that gave her quality time for herself and a career that rewards based on her hard work.

Though Cherlene did not have much knowledge of the insurance industry, she took the leap that changed her life. This career gave her the freedom to manage her time at different stages of her life.

It has also given her the opportunity to build close relationships with her clients.

As a Financial Consultant, Cherlene sees herself as a partner to her clients, helping them to secure their wealth at different stages of their lives. Above all, she sees herself as a confidant who has become lifelong friends with her clients.

For leisure, Cherlene enjoys watching movies, having coffee with friends, and going on holidays with her family and colleagues.