Cheryl Neo

Senior Financial Consultant

Cheryl Neo is a Senior Financial Consultant, and a certified Chartered Financial Consultant. As a Japanese Studies graduate from NUS, she had always planned to join the tourism industry. One fateful day more than 15 years ago, she was introduced by her own financial planner to attend a talk on exploring the industry. Cheryl was drawn to the fact that she could be in charge of her time and be incentivised according to how hard she worked.

Her interest piqued, Cheryl went for interviews with various agencies before deciding on Jeffrey Lim Organisation as she had sensed the respect and genuine care the team has for one another. Time has proven that she is right.

As a working mother of two adorable children, she is even more grateful now for her decision back then as she is able to spend quality and quantity time with her family.

Other than family and work, Cheryl is also passionate about community work. She has been serving the grassroots in the past 5 years, embarking on projects to benefit the elderly and low income families in her district. Currently she is serving as the Assistant General Secretary of her Residents’ Committee.