Christina Kong

Master Financial Consultant

Christina Kong is a Master Financial Consultant (MFC). Christina believes in living life to the fullest by giving her best to all aspects of her life. As a mother, she is motivated to impart good values to her children and as a MFC, she aims to serve her clients well and become their friend.

“We make a life by what we give and we make a living by what we get,” Christina said.

Her life now is one in which she enjoys financial security, asset accumulation, a harmonious and understanding family, high self-esteem and clients who are her friends. On a daily basis, she ensures her day is well-organised and productive. She keeps her energy high from the work she brings to her clients and also to her colleagues whom she hopes to inspire and develop for more career success.

In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, home and décor and surfing the internet.

Before joining Jeffrey Lim Organisation (“JLIM”), she was a secretary. She was attracted to join JLIM because it resembles a well-organised and professional agency unit that is at the same time a caring, inspiring and close-knitted family.