Diane Goh

Executive Financial Consultant

Being in financial planning was a mid-career move for her. She was previously an engineer with a multinational company. It was her passion to make a difference to the lives she came across that led her to join JLIM.

She was drawn to JLIM because of its vision of being Happy, Productive and Profitable. In addition the firm’s family-oriented culture also strongly appealed to her. She has experienced the commitment that JLIM’s leaders have towards helping her succeed. “To borrow the saying, a family that succeeds together, stays together. That’s how I feel about JLIM,” said Diane.

Diane believes in the importance of prioritising her clients’s interests and value-adding to her clients. She enjoys meeting new people as clients and then becoming good friends. Over the years, Diane has appreciated how her work impacts lives. She fondly recalls the facial expression of relief when her clients were assured that they and their families would be taken care of.

Work aside, Diane enjoys her family time and as an entrepreneur, she is able to set aside time for her work and for her loved ones, especially during times of needs.