Jessie Tan

Master Financial Consultant

Jessie Tan is a Master Financial Consultant. Her entire career has been in the financial industry. With a degree in Accountancy, she found her then dream job as a Corporate Banker and later as a Private Banker.

After a few years, Jessie was ready for a change, even to considering self-employment. Being Jeffrey Lim’s cousin helped. She knew and saw at close range the potential of becoming a Financial Consultant and staying in the insurance industry. In addition, she respected Jeffrey and how he conducted himself and his business, and that made her career switch much easier.

Today, Jessie relishes her career and enjoys the journeys she takes with her clients as they go through various life stages – many of them similar to those she is going through. Jessie is very proud of her clientele.

For leisure, Jessie enjoys reading, watching movies especially foreign ones and travelling either with her family or her colleagues from Jeffrey Lim Organisation on incentive trips.