Jonathan Heng


Jonathan Heng is a Senior Financial Consultant. He had previously worked in a local bank for six year in an administrative role. During that time, he pursued a part-time diploma and degree course in banking and finance. Once he graduated, he made a switch to financial services industry. As he had family members who worked in the same financial services industry, it was natural for him to join the sector, to carry on the family tradition.

Jonathan joined JLIM five years ago and is having the best career of his life, he said, as it is the only one that truly lives up to the adage “work hard, play hard”.

He is most glad to be able to pursue his other passion: travelling. Jonathan is a part-time freelance luxury hotel blogger. “With this career, I am able to plan my fun time as and when I’ll like to travel as long as I work hard. In a year, I am able to travel without having to worry if my annual leave is running out, because I am self-employed,” he said.

He has an active life outside of work as well. He enjoys keeping fit, hitting the gym at least four times a week. He enjoys being able to work out during non-peak hours due to his flexible schedule. And for the last 11 years, he has been a dragon-boater during the weekends.

His advice on being a Financial Consultant? “Always be humble and always keep smiling” he said.