Josephine Quek


Josephine B.C. Quek is an Executive Financial Consultant. She used to run her own agency until she sold it in 2017.

Although she has been successful, financial planning was not her career of choice. Rather it was circumstance beyond her control that led her to a career in financial planning.

Upon her return to Singapore after graduating from the University of Hawaii in 1987, she was met with a dismal job market due to the recession back home. Unable to land a suitable job in the banking sector, her industry of choice, she worked as a freelancer for a Hong Kong research company doing surveys of car owners.

One of her interviewees – who later became her agency leader – spoke to her about a career in financial planning and encouraged her to consider. As Josephine was still not close to getting a job, she decided to give it a shot. She never looked back, not even after the economy recovered strongly and many job opportunities opened up for her as a result.

“I decided to stay in this career because I had come to love it, to meet and make new friends. And most important, to help strangers and friends alike protect their wealth while they are accumulating more wealth, as well as preserve and distribute their wealth in their golden years,” she said.

Outside of her work, her greatest passion is in dogs and cats, they give her greatest joy and fulfilment. Her leisure time is reading on books related to cat and dog behaviour so as to understand and serve them.