Marcus Suhardi

Senior Financial Consultant

He joined the financial services industry in October 2009. Back then he was working at a retail outlet in Plaza Singapura, he did not have much knowledge of the insurance business. Feeling inspired after an interview with Jeffrey Lim and wanting to become like Jeffery, Marcus took a leap of faith and joined JLIM.

Business was very tough in the beginning as his clients came mostly from cold calling. Fortunately, he had the guidance of Francis Yap, his coach and mentor who constantly provided him with tough love and helped him to become stronger mentally.

Marcus remembers having to deal with countless rejections, even from his friends. “Using the skills that Francis taught me, I held on to the belief that as long as I worked very hard and keep on approaching people, help enough people, they will help me back,” he said.

True enough, he has been able to make a good living to date. He credits JLO for giving him the right support with its strong resources and long experience. He is also grateful to his clients as the people that have kept him alive as they truly appreciate the work he does for them. “I have learnt a lot from relationships with my clients that have been built over the years. They are so valuable and worthwhile that money cannot buy them at all,” he said.