Mohamad Kamal Abdullah

Financial Services Director

Mohamad Kamal Abdullah is a Financial Services Director. He is a strong believer in meritocracy, in being fairly rewarded & recognized for effort and success.

Since he was an undergraduate, Kamal looked forward to having a career where he will not be limited by social constraints of race and religion.

After short stints in other jobs, he was introduced to Jeffrey Lim and was immediately drawn to Jeffrey’s big brotherly ways. Since then, there was no looking back. His career in this insurance industry has fulfilled his youthful aspirations of being rewarded for his own hard work.

Today, having reaped the fruits of his success, Kamal wants to focus on giving back to society through providing education on financial planning as well as through impact investing in some of the most underserved segments of the community both locally and overseas.

In his spare time, Kamal enjoys golf, cycling and spending time with his family.