Nelson Tan


Nelson Tan is a Senior Financial Consultant. As a father to two young children, Nelson wants to be part of their childhood and to journey with them in their growing years. He is pleased that a financial planning career has allowed him to fulfil this personal wish of his.

The need to bond doesn’t stop with his children. Nelson believes that engaging with his clients and bonding with them is also a good investment of his time. “In fact this is the key factor in making me their most preferred consultant,” he said.

After all, “life is not just about having but it is also about giving” is a motto he lives by.

For him, joining Jeffrey Lim Organisation was a decision made easy by JLIM, a well organised and professional operation that gave him a lot of positive vibes.

In his spare time, Nelson enjoys going to the cinema and a game of badminton. He also has a passion for cooking.