Richard Khoo

Senior Financial Consultant

Richard Khoo is a Senior Financial Consultant. He made a mid-career switch to the insurance industry after more than 20 years in the manufacturing sector where he was a quality control and assurance professional with various multinationals. The main reason for his switch was a pre-emptive one, he could see that manufacturing was moving to the less developed countries due to Singapore’s higher labour costs and wanted to protect himself against retrenchment and loss of income.

While the prospect of being laid off was a push factor, he was also drawn to the nature of being a Financial Consultant. To be in an evergreen business, helping people to grow their savings and protect their wealth and earning as much as he can if he is willing to work hard.

He found a good fit with JLIM because it has a philosophy of inspiring staff happiness, well-being and cohesiveness. Richard is also glad for the training culture of JLIM that has helped employees including himself to develop and succeed.

Outside of work, he swims and work out regularly at the gym or cycling. He cares about eating healthily and spending time with his loved ones.