Steven Chng


Steven Chng is a Senior Financial Consultant. In September 2012, he left a job where he worked for a biotech healthcare company for one where he is working for himself and his clients when he joined Jeffrey Lim Organisation. He did so to take control of his destiny and to provide more for his family. Furthermore, the key principles and style of working in JLIM are aligned with his own and he believed he will excel in such an environment.

Over the years, Steven has indeed experienced a lot of personal growth with JLIM. He used to lack confidence and had a short temper. Today, he is a confident and caring Financial Consultant. He is proud that he is now providing proper advice and greater financial security to his base of over 300 clients, and growing.

“My greatest satisfaction comes from every successful claim and term maturity which benefit my clients. At the same time, I am able to provide a good income for my family and spend quality time with them.” Steven said.

Outside of work, he enjoys watching movies, indulges in some role-playing games. Regularly, he would burn calories by playing some sports such as soccer and badminton.